The Roaring Girl

A denizen of the dark, a stalker of the streets and, some say, the first women ever on the English stage. London, 1611, provides the backdrop for the true story of Mary Firth, alias Moll Cutpurse, a notorious thief who flourished in the underworld of the Jacobean era.

“The Road Theatre. This increasingly confident company is staging, not a Jacobean play, but the Jacobean era … ‘The Roaring Girl’ is an admirably ambitious work in its ranging view of social classes and in its complex shifting personal alliances, to say nothing of its running comment on the theater of life … Handler’s supporting cast s stuffed with nicely detailed portraits, including Matt Kirkwood’s tragic Pickering, Theodore Stevens’ scheming Skimmington, Jillian Blaine’s wild Emma, Daniel Eppard’s sympathetic John and, above all, Christopher Faville’s evil fop Aniseed Robin.”    – LOS ANGELES TIMES – nov. 1996

Roaring Girl Roaring Girl Roaring Girl