Imported Animation

Animated series, specials, and films imported into the US from abroad. Productions are re-scripted and re-voiced in English for English speaking audiences.

FLCL (Fooly Cooly) - フリクリ

Writer – Casting – Voice Director – Gainax / Digital Manga / Adult Swim – 6 eps. 2001 – 2006

American Animé Awards 2007 Winner for Best Comedy and Best Short Series

The dub track is excellent … dense, fast-paced, complex and full of hairpin turns …viewers can get a handle on FLCL’s rambunctious, intense story.” -Animé Reviews


Fooly Cooly


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Writer, English language scripts for Code Geass & Code Geass R-2
Animated series produced by Sunrise, Japan / Bandai, Zro Limit, USA
Broadcaster Cartoon Network, Adult Swim

Bandai shipped over one million DVD and Blu-ray discs related to the Code Geass franchise, placing it among the most popular contemporary anime series in both Japan and North America.” -Wikipedia/Geass


Code Geass poster

The Cowboy Bebop Movie (Knocking on Heaven’s Door)  カウボーイビバップ

Writer, English language script – animated feature. Produced by Sunrise, Japan / Zro Limit.
Released in the US by Columbia Tristar.

While the English dubbing on most Japanese cartoons ranges from annoying to fingernails-on-a-chalkboard, Bebop does it right. …The translation leaves the show’s wit intact, and the voice actors’ laid-back, believable style suits the show to a T…So yes, highbrow America, it’s now officially safe to watch anime. You can finally start believing those sweaty dorks who’ve tried to tell you, for years, that it’s more than giant robots and saucer-eyed schoolgirls.. .” -Teevee Review


Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop


Writer – 7 episodes – International Hit Series – 2011 – 2012

Live Action Series Produced by Saban Brands adapted from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (侍戦隊シンケンジャー). Broadcast on Nickelodeon


Samurai Cast                                  Samurai Cast Bullzord

Bullzord Clip 1                                 Bullzord Clip 2

Bullzord Clip 3                                 Samurai Cast Trust Me

Trust Me Clip 1                                Trust Me Clip 2

Trust me video                                Official Web Site


Power Rangers Samurai Image

Power Rangers Samurai

Naruto    ナルト

Executive Story Editor, Writer, English language scripts for American version of TV series. Cartoon Network, fall 2005. Produced by Shueisha, Shogakukan, TV Tokyo, Pierrot.

The most wildly popular show of the last 3 years … beloved by a large and fiercely protective group of fans and embraced by the community thanks to a successful TV dub on Cartoon Network.” -Animé News Network

The English dub is very well done… strong performances…” -Animé News Network

Naruto poster

Mix Master Final Force   카드왕 믹스마스터

Executive Story Editor / Writer – animated series – 39 episodes – Sunwoo, Korea / Peach Blossom Media, Singapore / Cartoon Network Asia


Mix Master Final Force poster

Battle B-Daman


Battle B-Daman poster

Steamboy     チームボーイ

Writer, English language script – animated feature. 2005 Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), starring Patrick Stewart and Anna Paquin. Producer: Sunrise. Distributor: Tristar / Sony Ent. American Script: Zro Limit.

A Jules Verne-like tale of invention, wonder and adventure.” L.A. Times 3/17/05

Rarely do I say that an anime with an English dub is better then the original Japanese, but, in the case of “Steamboy,” it is certainly so. When I first saw this in Japanese it took me a long time to figure out who was American or who was from what region of England, while the English version nailed every dialect… The voice talents of Patrick Steward, Anna Paquin, and Alfred Molina were solid as well and really befitting …the best steam punk film to date” – Rotten Tomatoes


Steamboy poster

Metropolis     メトロポリス

Writer, English language script – animated feature. 2001 Directed by Rintaro, Japanese Script by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), based on the Osamu Tezuka manga. Released in the
US by Columbia Tristar. Zro Limit.

METROPOLIS is the new milestone in anime. It has beauty, power, mystery, and above all… heart. Images from this film will stay with you forever.” – James Cameron, Director, Avatar

One of the best animated films I have ever seen …. a surprisingly thoughtful and challenging adventure … If you have never seen a Japanese anime, start here. If you love them, “Metropolis” proves you are right.Rober Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


Metropolis poster

Ghost in the Shell    攻殻機動隊

Stand Alone Complex – Writer, English language scripts – animated series from Production I.G. – Zro Limit – 2004

The writing is engrossing and highly literate… Everyone involved — more than half a dozen production companies between the Japanese original and the American DVD release — deserves credit for a first rate job.Locus Review


Stand Alone Complex poster

Astro Boy   鉄腕アトム

Writer – English language version of the new Astro Boy series, Producers: Sony Japan, Tezuka Productions. Broadcasters USA: Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network. Great Britain: BBC – top rated show in U.K. – 2005


Astroboy poster

Voltron – Go Lion / Die Rugger  百獣王ゴライオン

Executive Story Editor, Writer English Language version – WORLD EVENTS 100+ Episodes; Voltron Special; Bible – The original series from Japan



.Hack – Liminality

Writer, English language scripts – animated production from Bandai / Zro Limit


.Hack poster

Transformers – Cybertron / Robots in Disguise    ランスフォーマー

Writer – Cybertron – animated Series – Produced by Hasbro for Cartoon Network, 2005 – 6 eps;
Writer – Robots in Disguise – animated series – FOX KIDS – 4 eps – 2002


Transformers poster

Cowboy Bebop - The Series    カウボーイビバップ

Writer English Language version – Sunrise / Cartoon Network / Zro Limit – 24 episodes


Cowboy Bebop

Mix Master   카드왕 믹스마스터

Executive Story Editor / Writer – animated series – Sunwoo / Mike Young Prods. – 39 eps. 2007. Nickelodeon U.K. / Spain / Italy / Comcast VOD USA / Kabillion


Mix Master videos

Mix Master King of Cards

Initial D

Writer, English language script – animated series – Tokyo Pop – Pilot – 2001


Initial D poster

Rave Master

Voice Director – Animated Series – Japan producer: TBS. US producer: Tokyo Pop. US Broadcaster: Cartoon Network – 52 Episodes


Rave Master poster

Tokyo Pig   はれときどきぶた

Writer – animated series – 6 Episodes for Miramax – aired on ABC Family – 2002


Tokyo Pig


Writer – Animated Series and Specials – Pioneer / Cartoon Network;
2 OVAs: Tenchi Forever & Daughter of Darkness;
Tenchi in Tokyo – 12 eps.


Tenchi Muyo

Shinzo/Mushrambo Shitajiki

Story Editor/ Writer– animated series – ABC Family / Toei/ Fox Kids-14 eps – 2005


About Mushrambo



Writer English Language series – CG & Cel animation – Bandai / Fox Kids – 2000 – 4 eps



Gatchaman (Eagle Riders)  科学忍者隊ガッチャマン

Writer English Language series – Tatsunoko Prod/ Saban / Fox Kids- ‘97 – Writer



Pretty Sammy

Writer – 2 English Language OVAs – AIC / Pioneer


Pretty Sammy

Super Pig – Honeybee Hutch – Rockin’ Cop

Writer English Language versions – Pilots, 20+ episodes – from Japan – Saban Ent. / Fox Kids


super pig

Bizmark (Saber Rider)

Executive Story Editor/Writer English Language version- – Studio Pierrot / World Events Animated T.V. Series – 50 Episodes including 6 original episodes

The themes of the Old West, and the new themes of Science Fiction and Space Travel are combined together so smoothly… that you wonder why can’t all the newer animated TV series today be this good? …

Marc Handler, the animated TV series writer behind both “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs”, as well as “Voltron: Defender of the Universe”, the immediate predecessor to this newer series, cleaned up all the weak flaws in the look and style of that story format, and imbued it with even better characters and story plot elements than ever before. In the arc of the stories for “Saber Rider”, the events are more character driven, and less dependent on what the enemy wants to do next…. The Star Sheriffs… provide a wide range of superb interaction with each other, in each of their stories. A sense of teamwork, family, and unity for a cause, that of defending the New Frontier, so that mankind can settle and explore space in peace.Absolute Animé


Saber Rider

Miyazaki’s Laputa & Kiki’s Delivery Service

Consultant – Disney 2001

Laputa – Castle in the Sky

Willi Wulmouse – Intersound

Writer 3 episodes – Denmark

The Dragon Who Wasn’t (Or Was He?)

Writer English language version – MCA/universal – Animated Feature from Netherlands

Ollie B. Bear – The Dragon That Wasn’t

Yugioh Zexal (遊☆戯☆王Zexal)

Writer, English language scripts – animated series from BangZoom  – 9 Episodes – 2011

Yugioh Zexal

Yugioh Zexal

Kioka –  (헬로 키오카)

Voice Director, English language version – animated series from Goldilocks Studio, Korea   – 70 Episodes – Broadcast in Australia, France, Korea – 2012

WINNER – Best Animation Series – Shanghai TV Festival – 2012




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