Bridging Cultures

PRODUCTION PLANNING  for us & Global Markets: Production Companies often produce for their own domestic market, then they think about international sales. Marc helps to develop Asian productions from the beginning for US & global markets.


CO-PRODUCTION: When an Asian company enters into a co-production with US and global companies, they need someone on their  team who understands the other team. Marc works with Asian  production teams  to help them deal effectively with their American and International partners.


LOCALIZATION:  Many great Asian productions fail in the West because of poor English language versions. Marc produces high quality English language localization that offers the best chance of success with high quality scripts, casting, voice directing, engineering, and all aspects of reversioning according to your specifications.


DEVELOPMENT: Marc can help with your development and expansion by providing IPs that are pre-designed to reach Asian, American, and Global markets.


To discuss the specific needs of your company and your current and upcoming productions, contact:


MARC HANDLER